Project Activities

INELI India & South Asia is transformational e-learning leadership and innovative coursework specifically designed to nurture a network of librarians as emerging Innovative Community Leaders of Public Libraries. This program provides an opportunity for the librarians to develop their knowledge, attitude, and skills for enhancing their inner leadership qualities through a variety of learning environments and networking events over a period of 20 months. Through the work, librarians must aim at reposition public libraries as critical community assets to drive community development through knowledge and information services.

Online Learning and Convening as platforms for creating transformation

  • Build Leadership Skills: The innovators have completed the online coursework using MOOC platform which has allowed them professionally learn on the importance of having 21st century librarians skills, understand and build their Knowledge, Attitude and Skills needed to lead change and bring about innovation in their libraries.
  • Develop Innovative Services: The innovators have participated in online and offline sessions on aligning services with UN-SDGs, tapping into opportunities for partnership, identify communities needs and evolved local services.
  • Network Development: The Innovators have built their network for this region and is currently the South Asian Regional Network. The transition committee shall continue to hold the legacy and shall sustain the efforts of this model for this region. They are registering the Network as Asia Network of Library Innovators’ Foundation (ANLiF).  They shall tap into opportunities and act as a platform to support other librarians, share their experiences and build the platform to strengthen the library field of South Asia. They shall also be a representation with the INELI Regional Connect (iRC) to ensure regional exchanges and support is provided to sustain the network. For more information: ………………
  • Convenings: The Innovators of each Cohort have had the opportunities to meet face-to-face nationally and internationally. Convening’s brought together voices and experiences of librarians, mentors, and stalwarts in the field of library from cities of Chennai & Tiruchirappalli – India, Melbourne – Australia, Kerala – India, and Singapore. The convening were designed to support knowledge sharing, through cross learning, introducing exemplars breaking the barriers, despite challenges and lack of resources and making each library useful for the public and serving its vision.
  • Virtual Dialogue Series: Due to Pandemic, the model was reworked on virtually to fulfil learning needs of the South Asia Public Librarians. Dialogue series unfolded as a Virtual Meet with Global Library Leaders and Virtual Café Conversation – Walk the talk with Global Library.