who we are

Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) is a programme area with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, that is redefining the lives and livelihood of the rural and marginalized communities, by connecting them using Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs). The village level knowledge architecture acts as a focal point to foster bottom up knowledge revolution. We are bringing together the needs of the communities from across the states and providing alternative choices and proactive solutions for the communities to access scientific real time information, to work towards a common goal – bridging the digital and information divide between science, society and technology. The IEC programme supports sustainable development and knowledge empowerment which is facilitated through participative and inclusive approach.

Mentors: Teach innovator would be guided by a mentor drawn from professional librarians. Mentors have been carefully chosen from amongst those with a proven track record and who are leaders in the domain of public libraries. Each mentor will guide three to five innovators and support them in their 20-month long learning process.