Librarian's Proactive Nature for Indirect Marketing

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Librarian's Proactive Nature for Indirect Marketing

I want to tell one of the stories that I narrated during our session in Delhi for the IPLM Capacity Building program in February 2017. This story begins with one girl, named Madhuri who loves reading books. Yes! books are her world. Her mother would called her a bookworm. She is always engrossed in reading different types of books borrowed from the nearby library. Madhuri, the girl child was also scolded by her mother “WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS READING ALL THE TIME???”. Yet, Madhuri after looking at her mother, would continue reading her book, like nothing had happened.

One day, while playing with her neighbors, one of her friends got hurt. None of their mothers were at home and they decided to go to Madhuri’s home. Madhuri opened her first aid box, carefully cleaned and covered the wound with the bandage. The boy was relieved. After some time when their mothers returned home, realized what had happened, and listened to the wounded boy's story. The mother was very appreciative and spoke to Madhuri with great affection asking her,”from where have you learned to do this?” Madhuri replied, “I am very fond of reading. During my free time, I visit the nearby library. The librarian is very helpful and is constantly sharing age-appropriate information, suggests different kinds of books to read and to learn from." This story ends here.

But why I am writing and sharing this story to you, my reader? Good things can also be marketed and this story shares the aspect of indirect marketing. Word of mouth is a simple and cost-effective tool to market our libraries to grow in different ways. Because the librarian was proactive and nurtured the child with details that could be useful, the child was able to apply her learning in the apt situation. Her action, helped her to share the fact that Libraries are also a space to read and learn. Such fruitful messages from the beneficiaries would intrigue other non-users among the society. There is also the possibilities where other children, will join Madhuri in visiting the libraries.

Sanjeevani Atre - INELI Innovator,
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