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Convening II of Cohort I, INELI South Asia

The INELI South Asia team invites you to first International Convening II of Cohort I, INELI South Asia, a continental leadership and networking platform that strives to bring together voices and experiences of librarians, mentors, ambassadors, and stalwarts in the field of Public Library from India and across the Pacific. This program is aimed at building and strengthening relationships through networking, building of knowledge through cross learning and showcasing possible innovations through visits to a few libraries in Australia.

The face to face convening is designed to strengthen the learning network that commenced a year ago through the 1st Convening in Chennai followed by the online learning program, specially designed to hone the leadership skills and the innovative culture amongst young and emerging librarians in India. By taking advantage of the physical space, Convening II is designed with the below listed objectives to facilitate INELI Innovators to:

  • Appreciate and realize their capacity to innovate, inspire and lead the public library field in India, individually and collectively
  • Deepen their understanding of diverse and sustainable innovative services that could be offered in and through public libraries using strategic partnerships
  • Learn the system functioning of public libraries in Australia
  • Define the scope for promoting effective network of INELI India and South Asia, and its integration with INELI Oceania
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